“Speak Up” Tournament

Family, faculty, and friends were very impressed with the performances of 38- 3rd – 8th grade students for the 6th Annual Lutheran School’s “Speak Up” Tournament.

Students from Martin Luther Grammar School in Sheridan WYO, Trinity Lutheran Classical School (TLCS) in Miles City, MT, Trinity Lutheran School (TLS) and Mount Olive Lutheran School (MOLS) both from Billings braved the stage to share their speeches from four categories: Memorized Bible Verse, Memorized Poetry, Memorized Public Address and Impromptu.  Mount Olive Lutheran School hosted the event organized by Karla and Katie Berst, judged by LCMS Montana District President Terry Forke, Attorney Kathleen McQuillan and Judge Jessica Fehr.
1st and 2nd place trophies were awarded to Ben Rice of TLCS, Christian Beck of TLS, Ella McCoy of TLS, Jayda Hatzell of TLS, Elijah McCall of MOLS, Katelynn Debus of MOLS and Hannah Comly of MOLS. Great Job to all who competed!

Hog Raffle Thank You

Thank you to all who contributed to the Hog Raffle to support Mount Olive Lutheran School.  320 tickets were sold.  Tayshaun Saunders won the $20 gift certificate for selling the most tickets.  Thank you to the Comly Family for donating and arranging the butchering of the hog.

We’ve Been Slimed!

It was the ultimate “Good Behavior” class party in Mrs. Forke’s K-2 grade classroom. It took good behavior to contain three different recipes of slime.  The day only got better as the students experimented with different activating solutions to mix the best slime.  We also learned that slime is good for us.  Without slimy snot we would catch a lot more germs.  Animals need slime to climb walls, to protect themselves, and to make the perfect environment for eggs.  Cool!